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EGON Navy (β-Titanium)
  • EGON Navy (β-Titanium)

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    EGON Navy (Orange Gold)



    All brands have new designs and products


    I think a lot while developing.



    'How to keep the existing brand philosophy?'



    So, SAGAWAFUJII's worries were  always difficult.


    Sagawa Fujii brand top priority philosophy


     The concept of using solid wood and


    This is because we aim for a harmonious design.



    Making'EGON'  , for two parts


    I had a lot of thoughts.



    -Harmony of frame color and wooden temple


    -Determination of frame thickness



    For over half a year 


    Through a lot of worries and trial and  error


    The vintage color of the wood and


    We applied matte colors that match well,


    The thick texture and balance of the solid wood


    A 2mm thick beta titanium plate is adopted.




    'EGON' is easy to use for any gender 


    It is a model designed to  match well 


    Due to material characteristics (beta-titanium + solid wood) 


    It is lightweight  and very comfortable to wear.

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