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  • NOBU Pink

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    NOBU Pink




    The'NOBU'  model has a stainless steel frame


    These glasses are designed with acetate eyes.



    The shape of the acetate sheet of the'NOBU' model


    Most of them are transparent and clear colors


    The metal frame is expressed in see-through,


    It is a clean and fashionable model.




    The materials of'NOBU' are as follows.


    -Front: Stainless Steel, Acetate


    -Bridge, nose pillar: Stainless Steel


    -Temple: Wood (Ebony), Acetate




    Metal frame frames, but acetate eyes 


    Surround the front metal frame


    It is very stable even with thick  lenses.


    Pursuing a sophisticated and urban image


    It is the model most loved by customers  .



    Dedicated clip-on can be used,


    It can also be used as sunglasses.



    - color -


    <Black leopard, off-white transparent, gray transparent, khaki transparent,


    Pink transparent>

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